“The Anunnaki/Illuminati Nemesis” by Joan Adamak, a Review by Robert Landry

This story is a fantastical retelling of human history on planet Earth. It’s a little Zacharia Sitchin with the History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens” thrown together. Seeing an event described on TV, the main character decides to investigate the apparent evil forces directing much of world history. Is there such a thing as the Illuminati? Do they represent a good or evil influence on mankind? There’s only one way to find out – go back to the beginning. The main character has the ability to astral project her spirit to anywhere and any-when she so desires.  So she sits quietly in her meditation room, with a friend watching over her, and sends her spirit self back to where it all started long ago. She is able to experience firsthand many events only hinted at in mankind’s earliest stories and ancient writings. It’s a journey with startling revelations.  Evil influence is found and identified. But there is a force for good as well. Only history will tell which will ultimately win out. So if you are receptive to lots of New Age thinking about such things as crystal power, astral projection, reincarnation, and vibrational levels of existence, you will find this story quite fascinating.


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