“Accountable to None” By Ashley Fontainne, A Review by Joan Adamak

Sex, Ambition and Retribution

This is a fast action novel about a well-known, established, reputable accounting firm consisting of Audra, Kevin, Carl, Robert, Eric and Nicole, all equity partners, and the managing partner, Olin, the main protagonist. All of the partners are either highly sexed, sexually perverted or dissatisfied in their marriages. The firm hires about twenty-five young women, most of them immediately out of college as accountants, who individually upon hiring becomes a sexual object to Olin, who either attempts to seduce her or violently rapes her. Thereafter he rewards her monetarily or gives her advancement in the firm. The other partners of the firm are aware of this because much of the time they can hear the girl’s screams and calls for help from Olin’s office. They choose to ignore the girls as usually the girls stay after being paid off and Olin loses interest because he doesn’t do it out of a sense of lust, but power.

The story is an easy read. It opens with the violent rape of one overly ambitious young woman who has sacrificed all personal desires in her life except for her extreme ambitionto make money and become a partner. While she is physically, mentally and emotionally suffering from this sexual abuse, in her bitterness as she realizes her own insensitivity to her husband’s needs, thereby losing him, her fetus’ needs, which helps to cause a miscarriage and slow alienation from her family, she becomes obsessed with vengeance to humiliate and destroy Olin. Consequently she does not report the assault to the police, accepts an equity partner’s position, remains docile at work, but for most of the next five years of her life away from work is dedicated to the tools of revenge.

The story devotes a chapter to succinctly building the character of each partner, his/her lifestyle, his/her ambitions and weaknesses, especially those revolving around Olin. Olin’s weaknesses finally affect the lives of all the firm and each has to make a decision regarding the firm and his/her actions and reactions.

The story moves quickly and is a page turner. The author does an excellent job of maintaining the tension of the tale in a most interesting manner. Perhaps there is a little let down in the next to the last chapter because it is filled with compassion and some grief, but the last chapter is a cliff hanger to entice the reader to purchase the sequel, “Zero Balance.”

For a first time author, I feel she developed an excellent plot through a good job of writing, her character development was very satisfactory and her descriptions were good. I truly enjoyed it and recommend it to all who enjoy a fast, intriguing and entertaining story with a little mystery thrown in for good measure.


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