“Memoirs from the Asylum” By Kenneth Weene, A Review by Joan Adamak

ISBN: 978-0-9844219-5-4
Kindle: ISBN: 978-0-0944210-5-4

Available on Amazon inpaperback and e-book for Kindle

Enter the minds of thementally ill.

Have you every visited amental institution and heard the screams, crying and wails of the mentally ill? What is going through theirminds? What is causing such pain and distress. How do their caregivers copeday after day and retain their own sanity?

This story tells you. Although it is written as a novel, it comes from the author’s training as a teacher, pastoral and in psychology and then having worked in a mental institution. His writing gives the reader insight into thethoughts of the caregivers, the strain and disappointments of those medical personnel who strive so hard to cure their patients and how it can affect theirown mental and emotional self. He opens the secret folds of the mentally ill, covering several of the more well known illnesses, which can be startling, to say the least, because there is so much concentration on the bodily functions. He stresses what is generally known that sex plays an important role in mental illness.

His story begins with aschizophrenic who narrates much of the story. One of the most difficult patients for the young resident doctor is a woman named Marilyn who is catatonic for years, and then one day, snaps out of it. In the end the schizophrenic becomes well enough that he is discharged.

Based on the statement by the author, his intention is to open windows into these areas for those of us who care or are even curious. In many ways the story is depressing for there seems to be little in the way of happiness and, yet, many of the patients are not unhappy. They live in environments of their own making where they have created happiness, although for many of us, their worlds would be incongruous.

For those readers who would like to enter the kingdoms of some of the mentally ill, from their standpoint, then I heartily recommend this book.


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