The Dakota Connection, a Ryce Dalton novel, by R. Clint Peters, a Review by Joan Adamak

The second book in this series.

Five stars

Four unknown individuals and two locals have been killed in a gun battle in a pizzeria in North Dakota.  The late evening news relates that SEAL Team 6 had carried out a raid on a terrorist group headquartered in a pizzeria in North Dakota.  Then wild news reports began to be speculated and tweeted.

Thus began a full-blown investigation and a deadly struggle against unknown individuals by Ryce Dalton as head of the Joint Border Task Force aka JBTF.  Ryce now has a very pregnant wife Tanya and a toddler named Evie.  Although the FBI had not been called in yet, they asked Ryce to look into it since it was so near the Canadian/U.S. border.  NoonanN.D. was so isolated, Ryce and his crew had to drive there.  Meanwhile the dead locals were identified to be the owner of the pizzeria and one of his employees, killed by high powered large caliber rounds that penetrated the unknown men who were standing outside the building.  The local law discovered the firing positions to be over half a mile away and Ryce, having been an Army Ranger and a sniper, would be able to locate the firing positions, which might indicate who the deceased were and who the attackers were.

This story commences as a this fast moving, high powered story of various law enforcement agencies with complete highly descriptive unique scenes of the action, the type of destruction, the  military equipment and terrorists.  It is certainly a page turner and has more twists and turns than the reader would expect in one novel.  It is highly entertaining, has its moments of humor even though Ryce’s family and his own military-trained men are continuously threatened or injured or killed.  Although this novel might be more enjoyed by men, especially those who have been in the military, I was thoroughly entertained and recommend it for readers who especially enjoy action thrillers.


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