“Promise Me Eternity” By Ian Fox, A Review by Joan Adamak


This particular story has some great twists, turns, mysteries and a great plot, You have several intriguing, interesting characters in Dr. Simon Patterson and his wife Helen; Dr. Anita Carter and her lover, Dr. Jerry Duncan; Carlo Vucci and his wife, Christine, and Dr. Miner, who at first may seem superfluous to the story, but actually helps to develop the mystery.

This book could be written much better with a little help from a professional creative writer. Long narratives and some long conversations often fall flat because they are not presented as well as they could be. The title of this book is misleading for it is not a romance novel, but an action mystery. Many minor characters who have proper names confuse the reader because it is assumed they must play important roles, but actually just help the story to move along. Medford, Oregon is a small town and could not support a Carlo Vucci.

The first chapter is darkly intriguing, but loses its tension before the end of it. In fact, the story drags until about the first third and then it picks up speed and becomes much more interesting. At that point it does become a page turner causing the reader to simply scan over where he loses interest in order to get to the real stuff.

I am sorry I can only give this book three stars because of its lack of professional writing as there are some fantastic subplots, if they were just a little more developed. If a reader were to ask me if I would recommend it, I would say, “Yes,” with those qualifications.


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