“3D Success: Changing Careers in Mid Life” by Linda Wegner, a Review by Janice Dick

From cover to cover, this book is a success, offering positive insights and suggestions to a specific group of people: those between the ages of 45 and 64 who are considering creating their own businesses or recreating their careers.

The author writes from her personal experience of being thrust into the position of sole wage-earner after nearly thirty years of a support role in vocational ministry. Instead of dissolving in despair, she pulled up her socks and used the hobbies and skills she possessed to launch her own business: Words of Worth.

3D Success – Changing Careers in Mid Life is effectively organized into three parts:

* Discovering Your Passion
* Developing Your Plan
* Defending Your Priorities

Each part broadens into chapters beginning with wise quotes such as “You cannot plow a field by turning it over in your mind (unknown author),” and “The secret of success is doing common things uncommonly well (John D. Rockefeller).” The chapters close with Lessons I’ve Learned (“nothing worth having comes easy,” “don’t let other people determine your attitude”) and Something to Think About (“how do I want to be remembered when my life is ended?”).

Linda writes in a conversational style, “with the sincere wish that by sharing the lessons I have learned, you will find your journey a bit easier,” yet the book is decidedly professional, both in format and content. It is a book to be trusted. It is also a book that will add purpose and motivation to any career, whether you are changing direction or not. As a reader of fiction, I did not expect to be so engrossed in Linda’s book, however, I found myself not only reading but following suggestions, considering others who would benefit from the book, thinking of businesses and career counselors who could use 3D Success as suggested reading for clients.

3D Success is chock full of real life challenges and practical suggestions. It portrays a strong work ethic and promotes positive attitude and integrity, also stressing the importance of maintaining mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health in order to be successful.

If I were to describe 3D Success in one word, I would choose:  encouraging. I recommend it to anyone who needs a boost in his or her career, whether it is in transition or not. Thank you, Linda, for sharing your hard-won experiences for the benefit of others.
Janice L. Dick


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