Knightfall – Book 1 of The Chronicle of Benjamin Knight by Robert Jackson-Lawrence, a Review by Dianne

Knightfall by R. Jackson-Lawrence hits the ground running and DOES NOT STOP! From the first page, which appears to be a journal entry with the tortured thoughts of someone scared and alone, to the last page that I ended up reading twice just to keep the story going, I was utterly and completely captivated. Fifteen year old Ben is a genius, dealing with numbers made life make sense to him. He could solve complex problems faster than a computer, so when Excelsior Technologies offered him the chance to use his abilities to their fullest in the name of science, he jumped at the opportunity and began experimenting with theories that could change the world. And that’s where things went horribly wrong. Ben is cast into another existence, a dystopian world where technology is non-existent, peace is a tenuous thing and Ben becomes a pawn in a world where one man’s crazed mind threatens to take over the world at any cost.

But – this story isn’t just about Ben, the cast of characters is huge, the sub-plots and scenes depicted are well done down to the last detail! I had to remind myself that this was the product of an author with a true passion for his work, that the characters were not real, they were THAT lifelike, that filled with emotion and heart.

With a crisp writing style that spares nothing in the details, I lived every minute of this tale, I felt the pain, smelled the fear and saw the love and loyalty people shared with each other. R. Jackson-Lawrence has created characters so vividly lifelike, with such depth of personality that I felt I was watching them as I read, I was that involved. With often brutal clarity, the scenes unfold in 3D, complete with surround sound, causing me to gasp, sigh, and cringe from my toes on up. It isn’t often that I’m not ready for a book to end, but even knowing there is more to come in this series, I was not ready to return to reality. It. Was. That. Good. If you enjoy your fantasy filled with non-stop action, clear cut villains in a world filled with turmoil and heroes who show uncommon bravery against seemingly insurmountable odds, you MUST read Knightfall!


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