“The Alberta Connection, A Ryce Dalton novel” by R. Clint Peters, a Review by Joan Adamak

Adventure from Page to Page

This book is the first in the five-book Ryce Dalton Series, a page turner almost continuously throughout. Captain Ryce Dalton, Ret., U.S. Rangers, left the military after fourteen years as a Ranger Company Commander due to a severe arm injury he received in the line of duty. With his superior intelligence, there was nothing through his thirty-four years that Ryce couldn’t do.

The plot begins with Ryce secreted in the mountains near the Montana-Alberta border. He has been there eight days spying on a cabin and using as his cover his camping in a nearby forest service camp, where he fishes often enough to feed himself and perfect his cover. At the cabin, finally a black Suburban comes up the road, four men exit the vehicle, wearing forest camouflage with jump harness and side arms. Also carrying M-16 automatic rifles, but Ryce knows they are not military by their maneuvers toward the cabin and as a result they died from being shot from the cabin plus some hidden explosive discharges.

Ryce was a member of the Joint Border Task Force, initiated shortly after a Royal Mounted Police officer attempted to stop a vehicle outside of Brandon, Manitoba. The passengers bailed when stopped and only one apprehended. Inside six laptops were found, property of the McDonnell-Douglas Corp. with highly classified information, plus pages of top-secret US Navy documents. This revealed that there was an illegal passage of highly classified material laden laptops being moved from the US into Canada. The American branch of this task force was to focus on discovering how the items were transported across the US and across the border.

The story encompasses following one group of thieves carrying four known laptops with US government classified material across the United   States to their point of contact with any Canadians ready to receive the material. If the JBTF was discovered at any time, they would lose the trail and it was more important to discover the source on the US side and the Canadian receivers. The story is filled with many individuals using the latest technological equipment to follow them, always one step behind, without actually being in sight. Thus Ryce and his co-workers by using these highly developed military tools plus sophisticated computer systems developed by Ryce and close friends who designed them, Ryce and his cohorts were able to track this group across the US from the east coast into Montana, and then across the border. There was murder, explosive destruction and death, highly skilled opponents and tracking by air and on foot through the wilderness.

The scenes are extremely well developed and the reader is right there, a part of the scenes. This book would particularly appeal to men, I think, because it is so masculine and action motivated, yet it is not devoid of romance and love. I liked this story and recommend this book.


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