“Rim-Fyre and the Stones of Time” by Mitzy Tait-Zeller, a Review by Jackie Anton

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As an avid horseperson, I am always on the lookout for an interesting tale that revolves around our equine friends. The story of Rim-Fyre intrigued me, so I purchased the e-book.

Tag along with Serena to catch a fascinating view of her life in 2012 Saskatchewan.  The author paints a wonderful picture of the farm, where Serena and her family live, and the countryside. Mitzy also introduces us to the Canadian horse.

Daily life is getting burdensome to Serena; in an effort to find some inner peace she takes her Canadian stallion out to stretch his legs. Serena’s ride turns out to be more than she bargained for. Rim-Fyre leaps the stones of time, and that’s where Serena’s strange journey and adventure begin.

Serena and Rim-Fyre are catapulted, over a hundred years, into the past. Will our heroine be able survive the hardships of the time, and find her way back home? Or will she and Rim-Fyre be stuck in the past forever?

I learned a lot with this reading. For instance: I did not know about the Canadian horse or that it was an old bloodline, or that it was the National Breed of Canada. This book is a young adult to adult read that is suitable for the entire family. American readers, did you know that chaps are called “chinks”? At first, I thought that it was a typo, but hey! The folks up north do have a different lingo.

Tait – Zeller shows remarkable insight into the workings of a horse’s mind. She artfully draws readers into the history of Canada’s prairie. Mitzy gives us an intimate look at the area through the eyes of its native inhabitants prior to the intrusion of the Europeans.

I highly recommend “Rim Fyre and the Stones of Time.” This marvelous adventure through time rates 5 stars on my review meter.


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