“The Seacrest” by Aaron Paul Lazar, a Review by Jackie Anton

“Life can change in the blink of an eye,” is the opening line of Aaron Paul Lazar’s romantic mystery, “ The Seacrest.”  Handyman Finn McGraw was in the process of being verbally abused by the estate owner’s stuck up daughter when the arrival of a police car distracted him. The news of a fatal accident was broken to him by Police Chief Karamer. Finn’s world turned upside down with the death of his estranged brother, and Finn’s wife?

Finn began to wonder, why were they together, how long had Cora been meeting his brother?
Author Lazar switches chapters seamlessly between Finn’s childhood and the present day life of the man. Two romances are told in “ The Seacrest:” the first is between boy and girl, and the second is between man and woman.

Follow Finn as he sorts out his past, and the loss of his one true love. Was his brother a bad seed bent on destroying everyone Finn had loved, but then why did Jax bequeath his accumulated wealth and the family blueberry farm to him? Finn is determined to find the truth, but can he handle it?

I agreed to review this book as part of a promotional blog tour, and was supplied a PDF for my honest review.

The Seacrest was a pleasant surprise. I am always interested in a man’s point of view on the intimate relationship between a man and woman. Lazar relates Finn’s tale in the first person with a great deal of sensitivity. The book is well written, and the sex scenes were tender and loving, but also make this novel not suitable for those under 18.

“The Seacrest” earns a four star rating on my review meter, and I highly recommend it.

Reviewed by Jackie Anton… author of the award winning “Backyard Horse Tales” series.


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