“To Get Even’ by Frank R. Southers, a Review by Joan Adamak

TO GET EVEN By Frank R. Southers
Book 3 in the Grievance Committee Series
Insight into Some Lawyers’ Psyches

Mr. Southers, the author of this novel, is a Texas Lawyer and served the Texas Grievance Committee for ten years, and for anyone interested in some of the shenanigans of lawyers and judges, this is a story that may entertain you.

Jonathan Carter was the prominent attorney character in this book.  He kept getting threatening notes such as “U R on Ur way 2 Hell, Scumbag!” but the note omitted why, how, and when.  The letters of the words were formed by letters snipped from various magazines.  Jonathan ignored the notes, treating them as a risk that went with the territory. He knew that being an attorney and also being on the Texas Grievance Committee created enemies for him and although the police attempted to identify the sender, they ne er could.  In this story there is one attorney who is called before the Grievance Committee who has no control of his temper or emotions and that is Mac McCormick.  This story includes several hearings before the Grievance Committee, like the first two books, but it mainly centers on Mac McCormick and his actions and potential to do harm. The Grievance Committee monitors and hears all grievances against attorneys in the State of Texas, and makes a judgment as to whether the accused attorney should be adjudged innocent, or have his law license suspended for a period of time or disbarred.  This novel follows the other two books in that one can see how the law works when manipulated in the hands of both sincere and insincere attorneys and judges.  Like the first two books, the weakness in the story is that so much foundation has to be laid through narrative in order for the reader to understand what is transpiring.  I enjoyed it as I did the first  two novels.

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