MARILYN MONROE: On The Couch By Dr. Alma H. Bond, Ph.D., a Review by Joan Adamak

Analysis without personal therapy sessions?
     If this story had been written as fiction about a fictional character, it would certainly warrant five stars as it is well written and fascinating.  But it is not.  Quoting the author, “Although factual information form the core of Marilyn Monroe: On the Couch, this book is a work of fiction and is not necessarily a complete or historically accurate rendering of Marilyn Monroe’s life. This work draws upon some of the published details of Marilyn Monroe’s history (see Bibliography at the end of this book), as well as speculations about her that have appeared in printing. It is also based upon the author’s impressions and analysis.”
     Thus the author is portraying Marilyn, a real person, through the eyes of a fictional therapist, leaving the reader with a persona and psyche as she has analyzed Marilyn based on those several pages of bibliography at the end of this story.  Is that fair to Marilyn who cannot defend herself now?  While reading this story, I kept asking myself, “Is this what Marilyn actually said or thought or acted out?  These many books about Marilyn repeat themselves and cast her in a most derogatory manner, which may be true, as there is no doubt that she had emotional problems, based on the magnitude of what has been written about her.  And so as a reader, I was left with the impression of a good story, but which parts did Marilyn actually say or act out or feel?  Therefore, I was disappointed because which is the truth and which is the fiction?

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