“SCHREIBER’S SECRET” By Roger Radford, a Review by Joan Adamak

Holocaust dramatically and factually presented

I was in high school when WWII ended and saw pictures of General Eisenhower’s reactions when he visited several death camps in Poland.  After that there were many novels, some autobiographies  and movies that were based on Nazi death camps and yet, today, there are certain groups of people who deny the holocaust.  The author did exhaustive research before writing this story, as he relates at the end of this novel.

The aspect of this story against many others is that it is a mystery.  It certainly sets forth the horribleness of these Nazi camps centered around two young Jewish men who suffered at the hands of one Hans Schreiber, the commander of a separate department of Theresienstadt, a death camp near Prague, so notorious because of Schreiber that it was certain that anyone sent there would never leave alive and would be subjected to the most horrendous experiences while there.  There is no doubt that Schreiber is a sadist.  It is only by a slip of fate that Herschel Soferman escapes and Schreiber believes him dead.

The book shows how so many Nazis were able to escape Germany before and after it was conquered in WWII and both Soferman and a man utilizing the name of Henry Sonntag made it to England.  Then one week suddenly there were two deaths: a taxi driver had his throat cut and a swastika carved into this skull and an industrialist killed the same way.  This is the trademark of Schreiber who usually shot a person in the neck and then carved the swastika on the victim’s forehead.  The British police eventually arrest Henry Sonntag , a rich man doing business with the industrialist and was overheard making a threat against him. Information is given the police to lead them to believe that the killer is actually Schreiber. Later Soferman is dragged into the circle of suspicion.

This story is excellently and professionally written with many flashbacks, laying the clues out so that a mystery is building and yet at the same time, is educational and informative for those readers who are unaware of the holocaust and its extensive damage.  This story is based on history, but the Nazi tortures, etc. is given to us in bits and pieces around these flashbacks so that it doesn’t become too dark and depressing.  It was a page turner for me and I recommend it.


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