INDIA WAS ONE By An Indian, a Review by Joan Adamak

Romance, history, geography, politics of, and the many cultures of India
India fascinates many people of the world who will never be able to go there and outside of seeing an occasional individual from India, for most Americans they are a mystery.  This novel reveals the difference in the many ethnic cultures or states comprising India, which educates the reader in its history, geography, politics and the differences and yet sameness of these cultures.
The author does this by introducing a young man, Jai, and his one and only love Kaahi, and their circle of friends Bunty, Subra and Punk.  The young people are attending the university in India and their parents are well off.  Jai knows what his future is to be when he finishes his education.  His father not only owns a business in India, but one in Los Angeles, which he wants Jai to manage for him. Jai and Kaahi truly enjoy each other, eventually falling totally in love, and although it is still the custom in India for arranged marriages, the parents of these young lovers are prepared for them to marry once they graduate.
Throughout the story, the author describes the different states or tribes or cultures of India; what they eat and how they prepare it; the many religions; and a long discourse on cricket, which made the story rather drag rather than just to identify it as the main sport of India.  Then when this young couple move to Los Angeles, the author shows how difficult it is for them to adapt  to the extremely different culture of the U.S.  The couple take a vacation and visit a few countries in Europe and there is a very complete description of these sections of Europe.  Then disaster strikes in India, totally emotionally devastating to relatives in the U.S., many of whom return to India under extremely adverse conditions.
This is not a fast moving, action novel.  It is romance intertwined with the many unusual and varied practices of India, but really is intriguing and gives  a depth to India and its peoples beyond which outsiders know little or nothing about.  I enjoyed and I recommend to all readers who enjoy this type of literature.

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