DARRYL’S REUNION By John B. Wren, a Review by Joan Adamak

Justice sometimes occurs in mysterious ways

This is a murder mystery, that might be considered a YA genre, but is enjoyable reading. Although it may not be a page turner, it is short and entertaining. Fifteen years prior a Freshman high school boy, Darryl, was found dead, appearing that he had been beaten to death. He was a wimp and bullied continuously by a high school boy, Dave Branch. Although the high school children, for the most part liked Dave, the policemen investigating the murder at the time did a poor job and decided that he had been murdered by a passerby because his wallet and watch were missing.

The high school children, who are now grownups, throw a reunion and because a new police Detective in this small town is checking out cold cases due to time on his hands, he begins investigating the murder of Darryl. In doing so, he makes friends with the leaders of the reunion and many others, and they all say that at the time of Darryl’s murder, they believed that Darryl had been hurt or murdered by this Dave Branch because it became a mission to bully Darryl.

Detective Ian Mclarry has the utmost patience and the reader sees how Ian builds the case, brick by brick. It has a surprising twist at the end, which the reader would never suspect but leaves the reader satisfied that justice has been done.


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