BETWEEN LAND AND SEA By Joanne Guidoccio, as Reviewed by Joan Adamak

A fantasy tale for adult women

It is difficult to decide whether this is a YA genre or simply for women in general for it includes the world of mermaids. Yet it does not describe the world of mermaids, why they would ever want to become human, nor the different classes of mermaids. The story just simply suddenly inserts them.

Isabella, once a young beautiful mermaid, is deposited on land after losing her tail because she fell in love with a human man. She is put there by her mother who is angry with her and leaves her in a human body, which is fat, she is no longer beautiful and she no longer sports long beautiful red-golden tresses. She is to make her way as a human, although she has a year in which to do it while she will have free rental and a way to make an income. But she also has the ability to call on a mermaid who can provide her with magical buttons, which will aid her greatly in every aspect of human life. Although she uses her mental powers to make certain decisions, she also has the aid of these magical buttons, where a human ordinarily has to struggle and develop such powers in whatever manner is available.

This story includes this magical ability to fit into whatever category she wants, she slims down, gets a modern haircut and dye job and is able to flit in and out of various jobs and romances. Thus it is a fairy tale on an adult scale and enjoyable for women who are tired of reality and would enjoy such escape into this land of fantasy. It is well written except for leaving whatever mermaids and the kingdom of mermaids are to the imagination of the reader.


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