AN INVOLUNTARY SPY By Kenneth Eade, a Review by Joan Adamak

Expose’ of GMO Foods and Government Corruption

It is obvious that the purpose of this novel is to educate the public about the danger of certain foods on the market, which are hazardous to human health and not being tested and reported properly by government agencies such as the FDA, who are to protect us. This information is out there, but it is not usual for people who are not scientists to spend much time researching these matters. If readers don’t have the scientific background for such as this, then it is easier to eat foods in the market and hope for the best.

The author in this story fictionalized a plot to truly emphasize the dangers so they would be easier to read and understand. It is true that there is much repetitive narrative about the scientific facts that it bogs the story line down, but at the same time, the author attempted to present a fictional tale that would make it easier to swallow.

In the author’s devotion to make this so public that it can no longer be ignored, he also sets out facts in how GMO foods have been handled in the past by the companies promoting them and the government agencies who are to act as watchdogs, but don’t. It is for his efforts to warn us that I am giving him four stars.


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