VENGEANCE IS MINE, A Benjamin Tucker Mystery By Harry James Krebs, a Review by Joan Adamak

Most Exciting, Unusual Page-turner Mystery

This was one of the best unusual, entertaining, puzzling mysteries I’ve read in a long time and by a new author. Benjamin Tucker, an investigative reporter and successful author of a new novel, has never been able to overcome the trauma of his seventeen year old girlfriend being raped and murdered when he was eighteen, which was eighteen years prior. Since then he married Jennifer, had a daughter Amanda Jane, and even though their divorce was final, Jennifer has learned his novel is selling very well and she is suing for half of all royalties, which really fries Ben. Then he marries an extremely wealthy widow, Maggie Marshak, whom he truly loves, with a daughter Julie. One thing about Ben, he is far from perfect. He has a bad temper, sometimes drinks too much, which overcomes his sense of morality if his wife is not present. He loves Amanda Jane as much as any father can and he is a good step-father to Julie.

Three blond, beautiful women are murdered, in which in every case, the woman has been raped and decapitated. Eventually the head shows up later, but such scenes are gory and totally traumatizing to a loved one who finds their loved one in such a position. That is the basis for this story. Then throw in several colorful characters like Maggie’s Mexican cook, Roberta, Laine MacKenzie, an FBI forensic psychologist, Nutter a detective on the case and the murderer who has been nicknamed Plum. Almost every chapter has a surprising twist and when you think the tale cannot become more convoluted, you are faced with something new and puzzling.

The characters in this story are funny, sad, morbid, mean, old-fashioned and there were scenes encompassing the children that were so real that I cried. I totally recommend this book for lovers of unusual mysteries.


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