THE EXPERIMENT OF DREAMS By Brandon Zenner, a Review by Joan Adamak

When dreams can manifest into reality

This is a great plot with many sub-plots and I was fortunate to be able to read this story after it had been well edited and republished.  Now it truly is fascinating and keeps the reader glued to the pages.

Basically, Ben Walker, who suffers extreme migraines, which apparently also give him this unusual brain, is discovered by scientists Dr. Peter Wulfric and others, who use him as their guinea pig.  Ben is a young man, recently widowed from Emily whom he adored, and he became a drunk, short on funds and worked part time as a bartender.  There is a machine whose short name is Lucy that can take Ben’s dreams when he is dreaming and produce physical replicas.  Ben’s unique ability is that when he sees an object like a painting, he can study it to the extent that when he sleeps, he can call on his mind to recall in his dreams what he saw.  Lucy reproduces what his mind sees.  Timothy Kalispell is an extremely rich man and his weakness is that he wishes to own all of the masterpieces in the world.  He can do this by the reproductions from Ben’s mind and so Ben is sent all over the world to study and then dream these masterpieces, including famous sculptures.

The problem is that Ben is also given intravenously a serum to help stimulate his brain cells, but as with all things, the serum drives Ben into a type of insanity and totally disabling migraines.  This plot is much more than just scientific fantasy as there are several mysteries involved and they only reveal themselves in certain instances, leaving the reader puzzled and searching for the whys and wherefores.

The characters are well developed, the story is well-written, and although it does have a flair of being somewhat like Michael Crichton’s books, this story is as much or more complex.  I truly enjoyed it and can recommend it those readers who like this genre.



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