A Safe Haven: Flowers from Castile Trilogy Book 3 by Lilian Gafni, A Review by Joan Adamak

Email Address of Submitter: j.adamak@yahoo.com
Sales Locations (Amazon, Bookreads, Smashwords, etc): Amazon
Name of Person Submitting Review: Joan Adamak
Title of Book Being Reviewed: A Safe Haven: Flowers from Castile Trilogy Book 3
Author of Book Being Reviewed: Lilian Gafni
Name of Book Reviewer : Joan Adamak

As the third book in this series, it is not necessary to read Books 1 and 2, although the reader would be missing much history, drama, heartache and adventure. Those books reveal how the Jews of 1492 spent most of their lives settling down and then being harassed by the Catholic Church, especially in Spain under Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand, and the trials and tribulations Columbus passed through as he attempted to find the islands of the New World and gold. Queen Isabella financed his trip and three ships on the promise by Columbus that there was much gold and the Catholic faith could be spread worldwide.

In this third book, the young couple, pregnant Isabella and Miguel, after having been saved from being slaves by purchase of a rich Jew, the couple get separated and Miguel was kidnapped by pirates again and in the ensuing battle he received a hit on the head and suffered amnesia. As a slave, he had to give a name and he assumed the name Ali (an Arab name). Isabella purchased and captained a ship seeking Miguel. She was convinced he was still alive. She and her family had settled in Portugal, who accepted Jews. Columbus returned to the New World with seventeen ships of farm animals, soldiers, mining materials, and priests to settle this New World, mine the gold by the local Indians and convert them. He suffered many problems.

As with the other two books, there is an interchange of chapters, concentrating on either Columbus or Isabella, which may slow it down for the reader, but it is worth it so the reader can live those years of 1492. The author’s research and restructure of history in the form of a novel is well written and I recommend it as an historical novel. Also the author’s real life is almost as interesting and I suggest the reader peruse it on the author’s page on Amazon.

I was given this book as a complimentary copy for an honest review.


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