ROAD TO REBELLION By George Hamilton, a Review by Joan Adamak

Historical Fiction at its best

This is an excellent historical novel set in 18th century relative to the island of Jamaica in the West Indies and vast sugar plantations owned by British and tended to by black slaves under most severe conditions.  In the past, a large group of escaped slaves, who were called Maroons, signed a treaty with the British that they would live in peace and in return would be available to find escaped slaves and bring them in.  They had their own town and had been awarded acreage on which to live and farm.  Through the years, many of the Maroons had gone away high into the mountains in order to be more free and as such, became as independent and capable as their kinsfolks living in Africa, whereas black slaves had most of that bred out of them.

Charles Morley, son of one of the British plantation owners, believed that if conditions were kept reasonable for their black slaves and punishments weren’t severe, he could get more work out of them than being whipped harshly.  He even was teaching a few to read.  One day his father brought home two new slaves, a handsome Black girl, Catalina about seventeen years old and a young boy, Adam.  Catalina had run away twice from her former masters and she was just waiting for the chance to do so again.  She intuited that Charles wanted her the first time he saw her, but he wanted her to come to him of her own volition. It was his intention to educate  her to the point, that he could marry her and she could run his household.  His father was determined that Charlie would marry a British heiress and he would own and manage both estates.  His father took Charles to England, where he finally settled on an English girl, Dianne, whose father owned the adjacent estate, and he married her before returning home.

However, it was his intention to make Catalina his true wife and he managed to sidestep consummating his marriage with his new wife and took Catalina to bed.  After some time, Dianne was kidnapped by a Maroon, a powerful, handsome, Black, who brought sexual desire to the forefront in Dianne’s life.  She was released and returned home to Charles.  She knew Charles was sleeping with Catalina, but couldn’t stop it.  Charles impregnated both of the young women about the same time.  And this is a very poignant feature of this story,

The story encompasses the history of Jamaica and the battles between the British and the Maroons when the British broke their treaty.  There is much history, cultural background, passion and violence so that the story never gets stale or dull.  I loved this tale.

I received a complimentary copy of Road to Rebellion for an honest review.



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