“Dying Phoenix” by Loretta Proctor, a Review by Joan Adamak

Although written as fiction, the story wraps itself in Greek history

This is one of the best stories I have read in a long time.  As a child, I loved the mythical tales of Greece, but as an adult did not realize that Greece has had a long history of wars with other countries like the Turks, the Bulgarians, the Nazis and then its own civil wars.  This story concentrates on the years 1967 to 1974 when there was a military coup and anyone considered an enemy of the ruling regime was arrested, tortured and held in a prison in terrible conditions.

The young people of those times hated the existing king and his military because it was a dictatorship along lines of years gone by and they sought to install a democracy.  The youth had the passion, the zeal and energy to resist this coup, but they lacked the ability and knowledge on how to push forward their ideas of democracy as they were one by one arrested by the military, tortured and often permanently disappeared.

The heroine of the story, Nina, is the daughter of an Englishman and a Greek woman, Anna.  Where she is self-controlled with a rather a cool personality, Nina, knowing her mother had been a fighting patriot, caters to the passions of the Greeks and thus is not always mindful of her actions.  She falls in love with an Englishman, Max, who learns about Greeks through her eyes and by visiting there.  After a short time of marriage, Nina and Max separate, she remaining in England as a journalist and he going to live in Greece, which he loves.

Using Nina and Max as the crux of her story, the author, based on her own knowledge of the cultures of the English and Greeks, weaves a wonderful love story of these two along with many other characters who portray the difficult times of this particular civil war.

This book is a page turner, plus stirring the emotions of the reader as the author is able to write so that the reader lives within the story.  I truly recommend it as a love story, history lesson and revelation of the Greek culture.

I received a complimentary copy of this e-book for an honest review.


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