“Wind River Refuge” by Jackie Anton, a Review by Red City Review

Email Address of Submitter: reinbowfarm@gmail.com
Sales Locations (Amazon, Bookreads, Smashwords, etc): To purchase a copy of Wind River Refuge, click here to find it on Amazon.
Wind River direct Smashwords link: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/328170
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Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/Wind-River-Refuge?store=allproducts&keyword=Wind+River+Refuge
Name of Person Submitting Review: Jackie Anton
Title of Book Being Reviewed: Wind River Refuge
Author of Book Being Reviewed: J.M. Anton
Name of Book Reviewer : Red City Reviews

4 Stars for Wind River Refuge by J.M. Anton

Jax Duncan is a girl on the run – from adulthood, from pain and rejection, and from the nightmares of her past that dog her footsteps to this very day.  But in trying to evade the past, she ends up barreling straight into a new fearsome enemy.  After flying across the country to stay with her foster parents at the Double D Ranch in Wyoming, Jax’s life is placed in danger by an unknown assailant.  The prime suspect is Garrett McBride, a Vietnam veteran with a volatile temper and a dubious history.  Jax first meets Garrett as he picks her up from the airport.  He seems innocent enough – could he really be her attacker?  As both parties battle their inner demons, Jax and Garrett end up forging a connection that, for better or worse, will never be severed.

Set in the 1970’s, Wind River Refuge is the second work of adult fiction from J.M. Anton, and clearly Anton has put plenty of skill and heart into this story.  Jax and Garrett are compelling characters who the author steers deftly away from being stereotypes of themselves, and the chemistry between them is almost palpable.  And Jax!  That girl is funny!  With trademark wit and innuendo, she taunts Garrett with her brand of suggestive humor and, simultaneously, becomes the book’s winning character.  Not to say that Garrett isn’t also a great catch; after all, he’s a war veteran with a heart of gold.  Much of the pleasure from reading Wind River Refuge is derived from watching these two great characters interact with each other and attempt to dispel the dangers lurking in Jax’s past.  For lovers of romantic or historical fiction, this book comes highly recommended!


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