THE AFTER HOUSE By Michael Phillip Cash, A Review by Joan Adamak

Ghostly occupancy

In 1840, Captain Eli Gaspar was in charge of a whaling ship off the coast of Puerto Rico.  He left a wife, Sarah, and a small daughter, Charlotte.  Eli and Sarah were very much in love,  but she was a weak woman and she worried always about Eli when he was away at sea, and she had problems coping with life when he was away.  He wouldn’t change occupations because whaling paid best.  In his last trip, they harpooned the biggest bull whale he had ever seen, and after hours of struggling to wear the whale out, it suddenly energized and smashed the whale boats, including the main ship that Eli was on.  There was a young boy, Henry, on the ship and Eli told him to go to the after house because that is where the men went when there was danger.  Eli finally drowned after three days floating on the roof of the after house which was all that remained of the original ship.

In Eli’s home town of Cold Springs Harbor, Long Island, a painter was renting this 300 year old house and he continuously painted pictures of ships and whaling and especially one portraying the last hours of Eli’s life.  It was always a mystery how this painter, who had never been to sea, was so accurate, but he made a fortune. After he died, a young divorcee, Remy, and her young daughter, Olivia, rented the house.  This didn’t set well with Eli, but Olivia was extra sensitive.  The rest of the story is composed of the trials and errors that continued in this house until a solution was finally reached

This is an entertaining quick read and contains no ghostly horrors, but instead is amusing.  I enjoyed it.  I was given a complimentary copy for an honest review.



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