YOU ONLY GET SO MUCH By Dan Kolbet, a Review by Joan Adamak

An entertaining, humorous romantic mystery

The protagonist, Billy Redmond, has been hiding out in the mountains of Montana for twelve years ever since his wife, Jane, and daughter, Aspen were killed in a fire.  His former home was  Spokane, Washington but none of his family knew where he was except that he had left word with the director of an assisted living institution where his father and mother lived.  This was in case anything happened to either.  The director contacted him because his father, suffering from dementia, had passed.  He drove his old pickup to Spokane and stood back during the funeral, intending to leave immediately thereafter.  But as life so often does to us, he was not allowed to return to his former life. A few months prior, his brother, Trevor, and wife had been murdered while on a trip in Europe, leaving a six year old girl, Gracie, and a teenager, Kendall.  His mother, who was a very bossy and caustic person, spotted him and told him he had to show up for the reading of the will the next day.

Trevor and wife had left the guardianship of their girls to Billy and Trevor’s sister, April, but Billy’s mother got a court order vacating April as guardian because she was a drug addict and could never be found, and appointing Billy.  Billy hadn’t been around children for so long, Kendall proved difficult, Gracie loveable, Billy’s mother impossible and then a stranger claimed that Billy’s daughter, Aspen, was alive but in jail in Spokane, going by the name of Libby and that he should go help her.

From then on Billy is on a fast track trying to catch up and learn the truth of a multitude of lies, raise Trevor’s daughters, develop a kinship with his now nineteen year old daughter, Libby, and learn the truth of Jane’s death.  The author has a wit about him that shows throughout this story and although the plot is very convoluted, it is entertaining as Billy attempts to untangle everyone’s lives and find a new romance for himself.

I enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone for a few hours of light reading.  I received a complimentary copy for an honest review.


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