STRANGER AT SUNSET By Eden Baylee, a Review by Joan Adamak

Mystery, Murder, Romance

The author of this story says she likes to write in-depth characters and spends time imagining what her character would be like and do under certain circumstances, and that is certainly how she presented the characters of this story to us.  Sunset Villa was a resort in Jamaica, which had been devastated by the hurricane Sandy.  The owners of only five years, Nolan and Anna Pearson purchased the resort and had a big mortgage on it plus wages for the few employees they had.  The managed to renovate the resort after the storm and had a wonderful cook and employees.  They were visited by a reviewer, Matthew Kane, for a travel magazine, who was not mentally healthy and more demanding than any patron would be.  The Nolans weren’t there when he stayed there and although he was well treated, he demanded so much that the employees didn’t know how to handle it.  Since he was narcissistic and egotistical, he wrote a extremely derogatory review, which definitely hurt the resort’s reputation.

Anna contacted her best friend, Kate Hamilton, a psychiatrist, how to attempt to get Kane to do a better review and Kate suggested they invite him there for a free week, saying nothing about the review.  Anna let other friends know of the problem and about seven or eight of them came the same week as Kane, as did Kate.  Thus you have a collection of most interesting characters: Jessica, an older teenager, who won a free ticket there and brought her boyfriend Rob, an uncouth character from the South who drank too much and the two fought often; a friend Adam who was a top businessman; Kate, and Daniel, an Englishman.  Kate is a beautiful woman and Kane wants to bed her and flirts outrageously and ogles her.  Kate is aware of this and leads him on, until she finds out he is going to write another bad review, just because he can.

The author describes her actors and the scenes so well it is like being there.  I don’t want to say more as I don’t want to ruin any of the mystery for a reader, but it is a page turner and makes the reader take note of everything or he will miss important clues.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for an honest review.

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