VIRGINIA’S GHOST By Caroline Kaiser, a Review by Joan Adamak

A simple, enjoyable mystery romance

The author had worked in an auction firm in real life and used her background as the scenes for this mystery.  Virginia Blythe, an employee of Gable & Co., auctioneers of antiques and dated furniture, paintings and china, was a department head and not well liked by her boss, Brian Gable III.  The company had a small kitchen in its large, dark basement, which was also a storage area for most of the larger antiques.  Virginia’s parents had passed away the year before, which caused Virginia to be sad and extra sensitive.  Virginia had to go to the basement kitchen to make her coffee, to which she was addicted.  One day down there, she could hear sniffling, the next time a wailing and finally caught sight of a beautiful young woman ghost, sitting on an old settee. This frightened Virginia and she told Brian, who made fun of her and threatened to fire her.  In fact, the several employees of the firm did not believe she saw an actual ghost.

Now throw in a mixture of her boss, Brian, being poisoned, some valuable porcelain disappearing and the ghost handing Virginia her diary, identifying her as Constance Pendleton, dated 1928.  Why is the ghost haunting the place?  Why is Virginia the only one who can see her?  Who killed Brian?. Why does Virginia receive a threatening note?  Then the pages of the diary portray a second mysterious drama ensuing.  This is a great book for a few hours of simple, enjoyable reading.

I was given a complimentary copy of this book for an honest review.


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