THE DOBYNS CHRONICLES By Shirley McLain, A Review by Joan Adamak

Insight into An Age Gone By

For those of us alive in these times, it is hard to accept and realize the hardships that people suffered in the l9th and 20th centuries in America.  This story takes place in northeastern Texas and eastern Oklahoma where ranches included hundreds of acres and the main income was cattle raising.  The protagonist, Charlie Dobyns is the son of a Cherokee mother and White man, but the mother is strict with her children and raises them like any white mother would.  After Charlie is born, four years later a son David follows and four years after that a daughter Viola.  Early in his teenage years, Charlie is taught by his father to handle horses and cattle.  Charlie especially has a way with horses, as his father did.  On one of the long trips of driving cattle to market, Charlie met a wonderful man and wife, who are quite wealthy.

When Charlie’s parents die from yellow fever within two hours of each other, Charlie is left with the responsibility of caring for his siblings.  He takes them to this wealthy family, who takes them in as foster children and Charlie, David and Viola are ecstatic, but then one day the man is thrown from a horse and killed and his wife sells the ranch and moves elsewhere, leaving Charlie and his siblings abandoned.

As the story progresses, Charlie continues to develop into a great man, his brother David follows in his footsteps and Viola becomes a lovely young lady, with the help of other people.  There is much trauma and sadness in this story, as it would have been in those days and so it is like a historical novel.  It is most informative and educational and the only weakness I found in the writing was that at the end, it is like the author crammed in the various children and grandchildren that Charlie and his family had.  When I started reading the book, I looked to see if it was fiction, which it was, but the author certainly had her details of life in those days realistic.  For anyone who likes historical fiction, fashioned on the details of such times, you will certainly enjoy this story.

I was given a complimentary copy of this story for an honest review.


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