Joan Adamak has Reviewed “GROWL” By Ashley Fontainne

Good vs. Evil

I have read all of Ms. Fontainne’s books and each is complex, some are paranormal and each has its own mystery.  And so it was with this book.  The basis of the plot is that hundreds of years ago there were Indians who split into two groups and one group went north and one group went south to Mississippi.  As time passed, a totem entered a member of the northern group and a separate totem entered a member of the southern group.  The individual with the totem in the North didn’t care that he was not good, and his totem was a black panther.  This individual sought the territory that held the basis of life and death and it didn’t matter who it killed while he was seeking this place.  It had the ability to change its appearance from human to the panther.  The Mississippi people’s totem was a white panther that could also take the form of a panther plus a modern cat.  The girl protagonist, a teenager, has a couple of paranormal experiences while she is very young and when she becomes a teenager, she experiences desires, fears, love, hate, and seeks to kill the black panther in order to bring peace and safety to her town.

Although she doesn’t understand what she is experiencing, an older man who is a friend and also seems to understand what is happening in her life, makes himself known. Eventually he explains all of this to the young girl who attempts to understand the roll she plays, which provides the basis for all of the new events in her life.

The story jumps from mystery to mystery in the lives of these people in this small town, all descendants of the Choctah Indians, and the plot is unique to any I have ever read before.  I enjoyed the entire story, although the story has to run its course to the very end for the reader to truly understand all of the aspects of this plot.  I recommend this story to anyone who likes mystery intertwined with the paranormal.

I was given a complimentary copy of this e-book for an honest review.



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