Joan Adamak has Reviewed “PSYCHIC CONFESSIONS, THE COTTAGE ON THE BORDER, BOOK 1” By Hannah Warren

Living the Extremes of Life

This plot is rather unique.  It is like several plots individually, which through the ability of the author, flow back into the main plot.  Jenna Kroon de Coligny, knows that she was found as a three year old child with her deceased mother hanging from the rafters in this barn.  This occurred on the property of the Van Sons on the Holland/Belgium border.  Theo and Dora, his wife, took in Jenna as a foster child, and their only child, Vincent Van Son, who was nine years older than Jenna, adored Jenna.  The entire household revolved around Jenna and her moods affected them.  And she was very moody, but everyone gave her their love anyway knowing how her mother’s death must have affected her.

Jenna was most determined and became a lead female ballet dancer and intended to make that her life’s focus, but the head male ballet dancer, who was her partner, saw to it that she fell during one performance.  She had become so thin and weak, that the boss of the ballet told her that she had to gain weight and energy and not to come back until she could.  But there was something about her digestive process that she was not hungry, couldn’t hold food down and struggled to eat only a little.  She finally got so depressed, she attempted suicide by cutting her wrists, was found in time and hospitalized.  Her foster brother, Vincent, had become a doctor, specializing in psychiatry, and his psychiatrist teacher said that Vincent could leave with her to try to help her stabilize, but to keep checking with him.  Vincent rented an old cottage in the vicinity of where she had been found, but Jenna was impossible.  It was like she deliberately did whatever was necessary to alienate herself from Vincent.  Finally she asked Vincent to leave her alone for a few days and so she could work things out within her mind.  Vincent did, but called and checked on her each day.

Then Isolde, Markus and Oono become another plot, but which, in the end affect Jenna.  Marcus has a plot all of his own, Vincent has a plot of his own, and finally Jenna is given her mother’s diary, which was found at her feet where she was hanging.  With that diary, which becomes another plot, includes many aspects of all the people who in one way or another had affected Jenna.

This is a great story, deep and thought stimulating and one of the better ones I have read and reviewed for a while.

I was given a complimentary copy for an honest review.


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