Joan Adamak has Reviewed KELLEN’S HOPE, a Novel By Danie Marie

A delightful YA romance with a little mystery thrown in

Kellen Carmichael, twenty-two years old, was impregnated by her boyfriend, Donny, whom she loved but whom she had cut out of her life to a certain extent because he continuously wanted to party and drink. When Donny and Kellen went to each set of their parents to give them the news, each set wanted them to get an abortion. Kellen decided tht she would never have anything to do with either set. Donny went to one last party, he said, but he also took OxyContin, which killed him. Kellen was devastated and thought she could never live with this. She got a job at the local hospital as a receptionist and had several girl and boy friends who worked there also. Donny’s buddy, Cade, decided he wanted Kellen to become his girlfriend and he would help to pay for some of the articles the coming baby would need, but Kellen was not attracted to him.

A new obstetrician, Dr. Brent, good looking, personable, took up residence at the local hospital, thereby meeting Kellen and became her physician. He was totally attracted to her, and helped her all he could, but took it easy because he didn’t want to frighten Kellen off. The story is filled with mysteries like stalkers, unknown callers, somebody writing obnoxious names about her on her apartment doors and cars. Kellen had a most difficult time attempting to decide how to live her life, especially with the new baby coming.
This was an interesting plot, it moved along fairly slowly, but the reader can’t help but empathize with Kellen and as she considered her choices.

I was given a complimentary copy of the e-book for an honest review.


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