Joan Adamak has Reviewed INVICTUS, Part 1 By Andrew J. Wilson

Introducing Richard

Part1 of this book is in essence a novella, which introduces Richard, who lives a double life, with his wife and family. Whether the reader will care to purchase these Parts separately remains to be seen. It is an unusual way to write a story and in the 500 books I have read and reviewed in the last four year, this is the first time I have encountered this. Be that as it may, this novella was interesting, although not a page turner. It introduced Richard, whose wife Julia believed him to be a banker when he had been a member of the Queen’s military forces since a teenager, and his role as banker was a subterfuge. However, Julia’s father, an English Judge, was aware of Richard’s double role as Richard exposed that to him when asking to marry Julia.

Richard was away from home often and Julia was led to believe it had to do with his duties as a banker. Actually, it had to do with his military duties. England and a couple of other European countries had been attempting to trap an African in Somalia named Charlie. Charlie had been raised as a child to be a pirate and because of his size and craftiness he soon became a pirate and kidnapper. He was in direct contact with a minister in the French government and he had planned to capture three hostages and hold them for $500,000 ransom. The French minister tricked him and held the hostages for three millions dollars ransom, unknown to Charlie.

In attempting to trap Charlie, Richard and his four military men stopped Charlie, but then were not strong enough to hold him and Richard’s men were slaughtered and Richard was shot in the head. A force of Americans fought it out with Charlie, and saved Richard.
Richard had a most difficult time recovering. During this time, Julia found out the truth of her husband from his military commanders and Richard suffered greatly from PTSD and was too dangerous for Julia and his girls to live with.

And now the reader is ready for Part II as Richard has recovered, he believed and hoped to be united wth his wife and family. This was interesting, but obviously just an introduction to more to come.

I was given a complimentary copy of the e-book for an honest review.


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