Joan Adamak has Reviewed THE IMMIGRANT By Alfred Woollacott III

One From My Four Legged Stool

Relive early days of colonial times in U.S.

This is an historical novel, which is fascinating, educational and dramatic. The author did a great deal of research covering these historical times and then encompassed it in a great novel of John Law, a fifteen year old Scot who had been grabbed by Scottish military to fight as a pikeman against the British forces of Cromwell. During the battle of Dunbar, the Scots were defeated and all Scots who were not wounded or sick were gathered up and sent overseas to the British colonies in Massachusetts to work as indentured servants for several years. There were factories there capable of making Englishmen good money, except there were no laborers. This is where these prisoners were to go. John originally was to be in a factory, but then instead was labeled a shepherd and placed in a tract of land where English farmers left their sheep with him to be grazed as long as necessary.

John, because of being a Scottish soldier, is not treated well by the English, but an Indian soon comes along and through sign language and a little English, teaches John where the best ground is for planting and how to learn to live in this wild, very cold country. This story encompasses John and Lydia, his wife, the births and deaths of their eight children, his continual struggle to hold his land because the English never designated him a land holder. The characters are filled with emotion because of the many experiences they had, good and bad, you live with John and his family, realizing his helplessness. His Indian friend who attempted to become a Christian, was badly treated in the end and taken off as a slave. The story includes Indian wars as they attempted to hold back the tide of English settlers.

This story is well written, realistic and certainly educational as to those times. At the end, the authors gives several of books relative to those times, which helped him produce this historical novel. I couldn’t lay the book down. In its way, it is a page turner and I highly recommend it.


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