Joan Adamak has Reviewed THE NIBELUNG GOLD By Koos Verkaik

Another time, another place, but was it reality?

This is an unusual novel in that it is written by a man who is a native of Holland, and it took place in Holland in the early nineteenth century, when myths abounded relative to spells, paranormal events, telekinesis, ghosts, and everything that was not understood, fell under the veil of witchcraft. The protagonist, Willem Wolf, a very rich man, was determined to learn the truth of all of this phenomena. The story opened with him and his companions having offered a woman Wera Keller a goodly sum if she could prove telekinesis. She said she could, she appeared and many unusual events occurred, but then she appeared to have over-extended herself and died. Her last words to Wolf were to find her and save her.

This first of this novel lags at times as the author was setting up the scenes for the story. Dr. Krone was a psychiatrist and believed there was a definite connection between the mind and paranormal events. Wolf, suddenly was able to appear and disappear at will and Wolf believed that it was the collective effort of seventy-nine mediums who gave him this ability and energy.

Throughout the story there was much violence as greedy men kidnapped Wolf’s friends and tortured them to learn more about Wolf. As time passed, I felt like I was truly reading about the way people considered mental illness and witchcraft in the eighteen hundreds. The last half of the book picked up speed and moved rapidly ahead, making it much more interesting for me.

I feel this is a little different outlook of the paranormal than what is usually found in stories today, and therefore may be refreshing for some readers.

I was given a complimentary copy for an honest review.


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