Janett Lee Wawrzyniak has Reviewed “Dark World”, by Zak Bagans, Kelly Crigger.

Zak Bagans is passionate for paranormal investigations. He is an experienced advocate of scientific inquiry, in developed theories for advancement with paranormal research. Digital recorders capture paranormal voices at above and below frequencies, than human ears can detect. Paranormal spirits composed of weak energy manifest into sound or sight with a contact having a greater amount of energy that they can borrow or take altogether. This is key to understanding the paranormal. Some examples of energy are electronic equipment, lights, cameras, batteries, cars, EMF pumps, water and human beings. The Law of Energy Conservation, states energy can neither be created nor destroyed in a closed system. With this law all energy in the universe has been made, and our physical bodies are individual containers of personal energy. When the body dies energy is released back into the universe. It is the way air is released back into the atmosphere when a balloon pops. With paranormal manifestation; almost always there is an unmistakable transfer of energy, from a known source to an unknown receiver. Some examples of transfer are a complete drain on equipment or simply a flickering light. Certain areas can become imprinted with severe energy (as in the potter’s wheel heard as analyzed years later in pottery.) In residual areas activity can be heard as one form of recorded communication. Other areas respond during an investigation. Many active paranormal places are mentioned and some are favorites. Static night vision cameras are used, along with EMF detectors in investigations to capture paranormal events, and contact responses. Orbs, intelligent haunting’s and more are documented in this well written book. Quantum physics regards time in the universe as a series of branched events. I own a copy of this book and recommend it to those interested.


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