Joan Adamak has Reviewed “PASSION’S PRICE” By Mary Adair

Book 3 of the Passion Series

Love Finds Its Own

In Book 2, Raven was dismissed by the Cherokee Tribe for having no control over his temper. He is sent by Chief Red Panther (James Fitzgerald) to oversee his business in London. Raven believes that he will never be allowed to go home and in his loneliness, he meets a beautiful, sophisticated woman named Marguerite, to whom he becomes engaged.

His Cherokee love, Golden Dawn, daughter of Red Panther, believes that she and Raven are destined for each other and that she is to save his life. Through guile and lies, she manages to get on a ship headed for London to find Raven. She does find him, along with his half-brother William and William’s two older aunts. These aunts love to interfere in others’ lives and they determine who should be matched with whom. Raven has been to their house often and when Dawn gets to London, she manages to find someone who will take her to that house so she can announce to Raven that she has come to save his life and they will be married.

Raven is totally surprised and angry at Dawn because she is from the colonies in the U.S. and not sophisticated enough to be let loose in London. He can’t convince her to return home and Marguerite soon learns about her. Marguerite throws a tantrum and drops Raven, who now realizes he doesn’t love Marguerite, but he is sure Chief Red Panther will never let him return to the colonies or marry Dawn. No matter how he tries to maneuver Dawn to go home where she is safe, she manages to sidestep him.

I enjoyed Book 3 of this series more than the other two. It is for more mature readers, it is romantically interesting and yet there are dangers throughout the plot, which keep the reader hooked. I recommend this book for those who enjoy romances.

I was given a complimentary copy for an honest review.


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