Joan Adamak has Reviewed “HOUSE DIVIDED” By Peter G. Pollak

A fast moving, intriguing spy mystery

Leonard Robbins was a retired CIA agent, now confined to a wheelchair from injuries suffered from an auto wreck.  His wife was a retired FBI agent.  They were living a fairly quiet life now except for the ups and downs of their collegiate daughter, Courtney, whom they just learned had become a member of an anti-Israeli group “Students for Palestine Justice.”  Courtney was more gung-ho to help what she believed to be a fight for the right than researching the actual facts of the continual conflict between Israel and Palestine over their adjoining lands.  As with parents and young adult children, there was no talking to her.

A building owned by Israel had been blown up in Washington D.C., in which a young girl was killed along with others and it was believed that the girl never knew it was a bomb.  President Wheatfield, our female U.S. President then, called on Leonard to head a counterterrorism task force to track down and destroy any Palestinian sympathizers who were terrorists.  Because of Leonard’s incapacity, he would work from his office and the President ordered that all government departments, which acted as the country’s safeguards, would send one or more agents to help Leonard and respond to his orders.  This would move their ability to work together much more efficiently than was usual when the various departments preferred to do their own thing.  Once the first bomb was detonated, it pointed towards an organized terrorist group, and especially after a second bomb was shortly detonated at another Jewish establishment.

This story moved right along as Leonard and the various department heads attempted to find these individuals, who at the moment were unidentified.  One of the interesting characters in the book was a Russian woman who could work wonders in searching out other computers, like ones which were in the hands of the terrorists and reading their messages.

Although this story was written as fiction, it contained much factual information and was extremely interesting where it showed how these various departments used their skills to seek and destroy.  Naturally in order to include some human interest, Courtney became trapped in the middle of delivering a bomb, her life was at stake and her parents became frantic.

I enjoyed this story immensely and I would recommend it for not only its entertainment, but it was extremely educational.  A complimentary copy of it was given to me for an honest review.


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