THE AVATAR SYNDROME By Stan I.S. Law, A Review by Joan Adamak

The Messengers of God

Is the possibility of being an avatar within each of us?

This is a fabulous novel. It is like an education in the medical science of neurological research, the strengths and weaknesses of the human nature of adults and children and by the end, you may feel like you and the characters in this story have flown “somewhere over the rainbow.”

All of the characters are deep, sincere, at times pushed beyond their natures, and yet love of family and friends keep them struggling to find that rainbow. Every character is unique and probably different than anyone you have ever known and yet, the author is able to introduce each as being a major necessity to the story. This includes Anne, the child who is difficult from her youth to the teenager who can master the violin in two years as a savant, who is kidnapped and abused, which causes her to withdraw and heal herself. Gabriel, the huge man servant who teaches Anne how to meditate and go within, thereby balancing herself. There is Dr. John Brent, head of the neurological department of the largest hospital in Canada, who devotes his life to working with patients and attempting to find what makes the human brain work and who comes to love Anne as his own child, he being a bachelor. Anne’s mother, Diana, is an intelligent, beautiful woman who would do anything to help her daughter as Anne passes through these unusual stages of human development until it almost breaks her. Anne’s father Michael, is an engineer, is emotionally stable and there for Anne and Dianna, but his left brain idiosyncrasies makes it difficult to understand what Dr. Brent is attempting to tell him about Anne’s brain.

Each time I left off reading the story, I found that I couldn’t get it out of my mind. It had so many nuances and experiences plus so much metaphysical information, that it stayed with me.

For readers who like stories that has depth, intelligence and entertainment, you will be fascinated by this tale.

I received a complimentary copy for an honest review.


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