NEMESIS (Kane’s Revenge) By Bill Carson, a Review by Joan Adamak

Sometimes evil destroys itself.

I was not aware that Nemesis was the sequel to another book when I was asked to do a review. This book perhaps would be more enjoyed by men as it is full of murder, torture, viciousness in the extreme and is not a book for the faint or tender hearted. But it is a page turner.

John Kane, the protagonist from the first book, is still out for revenge. He murders a porn king, Tony Costa, which makes Tony’s deranged older brother, Jimmy Costa, go after Tony’s murderer. Jimmy doesn’t just kill a person…he has to do it in the most cold-blooded, torturous way possible. He committed his first murder when thirteen, and his years in jail warped him into a life of violent crime. The uncontrollable continuous assaults of these two characters is the basis for the title “Nemesis.”

John Kane is on a vigilante rampage because the justice system had failed, and his girlfriend, who was prosecuted and found guilty, committed suicide by hanging herself in her prison cell. He is so devastated by her suicide, he simply decides that he will hunt down and kill those whom he deems responsible, and plans each strike with precision. One at a time, he eliminates them all, and the last strike has a twist: there’s a bona-fide military badass who has been tasked with finding him and taking him out. There are enough bad guys, semi-bad guys, and not-quite bad guys to keep things interesting, and just enough good guys to keep them occupied. It’s definitely not a “chick book,” as I was not always prepared for the torture measures described.

Andy Ryan is a sharp-shooter sniper working for a secret government group. Add in Harold Harper, a hit-man who is careful to not let himself be ever identified. Nick Harland is the retired detective who with Anna, his girlfriend and ex-police officer, open “The Harland Detective Agency.” Their first case is to find out who killed their client’s mother. All of these characters make for a convoluted plot.

The author uses much gangster slang, but at the end of the book is a glossary to take care of these meanings. It might have been easier for a reader to have this glossary at the beginning of book. I recommend this book to all who enjoy a fast-paced thriller.

I was given a pdf copy of this book as a complimentary gift for an honest review.


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