About Nothing But Book Reviews

Nothing But Book Reviews is a new blog dedicated to only book reviews.

Unlike many other review blogs and websites, Nothing But Book Reviews will not limit book reviews to “more than three stars” or “better than four stars”.  Nothing But Book Reviews will be truthful in what is posted.  If a review thinks a book is worth one star, that’s what will be posted.  It is unfair to writers to see all of their books receiving four stars or better when the book should be tossed in the circular file.  Nothing But Book Reviews considers manipulating book reviews to be dishonest.


2 Responses to About Nothing But Book Reviews

  1. agmoye says:

    Do you do book reviews? I want one of my books reviewed that has not been reviewed called the “Chronicles of the Marauder-Book One? Thanks, I was just wondering? Or does it have to be by someone else then posted on this site?

  2. Brian Luckett says:

    My publisher discounts my book, “Pitens Alley” w/o the opportunities offered by reviews, since it doesn’t pay for them to do otherwise. So my only compensation is to keep searching for anyone who comes across my book and hope they just write about it & give it a review.

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